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Date: Thursday, July 25th, 2024


Doors: 10PM

Show Wraps Up: 2AM




Outline: Melodic house DJ and Producer Tim Green makes his debut appearance on Vancouver Island with local support from Transmute DJ’s Bastian Garcia and Joca.

“Tim Green’s ability to effortlessly maneuver and experiment across the spectrum of electronic music has never been more evident than it is today.”

With a decorated past and an extensive list of achievements, Tim Green has maintained a high level of accomplishments since the mid 2000s. An artist who is deeply dedicated to expressing his truest sound, Tim’s depth of experience, innate musicality and hard work lie at the heart of his formidable success. In recent years, his affiliation with the All Day I Dream family, including close ally Sébastien Léger, and embracing the melodic sound, has triggered an unparalleled period of creativity and self-satisfaction. The success he has experienced throughout his career hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but, like any journey worth taking, the path to glory and inner happiness was meant to be that way.

Amid all the success, Tim has been working towards uncovering his true sound. Occasional feelings of discontent sparked a desire to experiment. In 2016 came a key release on Get Weird, entitled ‘For A Memory’. The track, 11 minutes of deep, exquisitely produced melodic house, helped lay the groundwork for what has become Tim’s signature sound – with depth, emotion and musicality at the heart of his creativity. Along with his 2018 album Her Future Ghost, ‘For A Memory’ was pivotal to his progression into the Tim Green of today. These releases were part of his continual push to find a sound that he was comfortable with, and the catalyst behind his gradual shift into the melodic domain. Through exploring this emotive sound, finding his groove and entering a place of comfort with his creativity, Tim has found the freedom that so many artists yearn for.

A longstanding friendship with Lee Burridge (who supported Tim’s music in his sets, right from his first ever release in 2006), also played a part in Tim’s development. His musicality has always been there, from his genetic makeup, to playing in bands, to his diverse back catalogue. Building upon the foundations laid down by ‘For A Memory’, in 2018 Tim found himself in the studio creating brand new tracks that simply gave him a good feeling, no agenda, just free flowing uplifting jams. He sent them to Lee, who instantly approved, and so began his connection with All Day I Dream. In March 2020 he dropped his first release on ADID, the seminal Vacation To Life. This was followed by the Moho EP with Sébastien Léger, which helped to further establish Tim’s prowess.

Since 2020, he has released another two EPs with All Day I Dream – The Moss and The Night Is Blue, plus an album, Eastbound Silhouette. His global touring schedule continues to be packed, taking him from the US to South America, across Asia and Europe and back again. At every stop-off he encounters crowds who are open to his sound, driven by love, connection and living life to the fullest.


Entry Requirements: All patrons must be 19 years of age or older with two pieces of valid ID (one of which must be government issued with a photograph). We do not allow gang or fight related apparel. We are members of the BarWatch program, so entry may be denied due to previous incidents at our or other participating venues.